every week counts

investing the time we have

Have you ever thought about the finite number of weeks you have between now and your child’s graduation?
Statistically, once your child turns 18, and graduates, he or she leaves your home and walks away from a relationship with God.
Do you know how many weeks you have to invest into your child?
How will you use those weeks?

We have an answer for you!

Family Day

seize the time you have!

Bring your whole family

May 26th

What To Expect


the light of the church

along with the

heart of the family

When both forces are combined, you get amazing power for growing kids for Christ!

how it works

Parents are equipped to learn verses, stories, songs, and object lessons along with their kids during each week. On Sundays, our KidZone volunteers back up and reinforce what moms and dads are teaching.

Over the course of several years, you and your child will learn six key Biblical principles for living, providing a comprehensive strategy for your child to grow to adulthood.

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A mobile app to share with your kids and leverage time you already have to help them love Jesus!

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Why we’re doing this

We are convinced of the following four truths:

Every parent wants to do more

What parent doesn’t love their child, and seek to be the very best parent they can possibly be? But, we all recognize that we aren’t everything we could be, and we desire more for our kids.

Every parent feels stretched

It is the 21st century, and we are busier than ever. Between work, family, community, school, sports, and everything else, we feel at our limits!

Every parent can leverage time they already have

All of us have time built-in to our schedules that we aren’t using effectively for our child right now! Drive time, bedtime, mealtime, bath time… All are great opportunities to influence your child for Christ.

We want to come alongside and resource every parent

We have tapped into a great system that equips all parents to leverage their time. “Family Day” is just a great way for us to roll this incredibly Biblical and effective resource. We hope to see you there!

Family Day

seize the time you have!

Bring your whole family

May 26th

What To Expect