get to know us

Know who we are, and where we’re going.

The Orchard Orientation

6pm Sunday, April 28th

The Orientation is our chance to “pull back the veil” and reveal what we are all about, and it is the formal process of becoming a partner with our church.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover at The Orientation:

  • Our Unique Call

    We believe we are here because God has uniquely called us, and that our calling is different than that of other churches in our area.

  • The Reason We Do Everything

    There is purpose in everything we do at The Orchard… We are eagerly exploring and expanding His unique call.

  • Partnership vs. Membership

    There is a Biblical difference. Discover what you’ve been missing and how to expand your capacity to be used by God.

  • Jesus' Simple Growth Process

    As always, Jesus makes it simple!

Orientation is scheduled for Sunday April 28th at 6pm. It will last about 90 minutes. Coffee, tea, and snacks are served. Meet new friends, life group leaders, deacons, and our church staff.