We are on a DEEP DIVE through The Book of Romans! Seriously, this is pretty deep. 

Currently, we are still in Chapter One, looking into Paul's tough talk about the severe problem of sin. After 17 verses of upbeat, affirming introduction, he really seems to hit hard for the next 63 verses! Yikes!

This passage is just as relevant today as it ever was. BUT, you can’t really  understand those 63 difficult verses unless you understand the foundation Paul lays for them immediately after his introduction.  Do yourself a favor and listen to Pastor Steve's three messages on this important foundation before you pick up with us through the rest of the study.  We've posted all three of those right here for you, in order and everything!

Stephen Dusek - May 17, 2020

Romans: The Big Turn


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[ on another note ]

This week's message may bring up some questions about homosexuality and what Christ says about it.  We invite you to look further into this question by looking back at some previous sermons that looked at this subject exclusively.


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