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This is deep.

We are on a DEEP DIVE through The Book of Romans! Seriously, this is pretty deep.

Currently, we are still in Chapter One, looking into Paul's tough talk about the severe problem of sin. After 17 verses of upbeat, affirming introduction, he really seems to hit hard for the next 63 verses! Yikes!

This passage is just as relevant today as it ever was. BUT, you can’t really  understand those 63 difficult verses unless you understand the foundation Paul lays for them immediately after his introduction.  Do yourself a favor and click the link below to get all of the background information and links to sermon that will better set the foundation for the weeks ahead.

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Jason Turner - June 19, 2016

When Good Plans Go Bad

Stand Alone

What happens when you know that God has a specific plan for your life, yet He seems to keep shutting all the doors? All progress feels like it comes to a halt. How frustrating! Don't you want to bang your head against that closed door till it is forced open? But, that isn't God's plan for you. This morning, Pastor Jason has a look at how to deal when God closes the doors.

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