The Year of the Bible:

12 months of pursuing god by immersing ourselves in the scripture on four comprehensive levels



Learning the Scriptures through a daily commitment to opening your heart and mind to God through the spiritual discipline of Bible reading.

Read Scripture App

The Bible Project has a Read Scripture video for every book of the Bible coordinated with the year’s reading plan. View them with the app!


Experiencing Scripture together weekly in groups. Most of the Bible is written to a people, a nation, or a church. It was meant to be read corporately. It was meant to be applied and embodied in community.
Our weekly Lifegroups will be talking through daily readings, and weekly messages together.

More About Groups

“Attention to the Gospel message is always an act of community, never an exercise in private. A believing community is the context for the life of faith.”
-Eugene Peterson


During our Sunday gatherings, sermons will be tailored to maximize our understanding of what we will be reading and learning, leading to a response to the Holy Spirit.

What to Expect
  • Series 1
    The Bible & Authority
  • series 2
    The Big Story
  • series 3
    hidden symbols of christ
  • series 4
    the god i don’t understand
  • series 5
    the prophet
  • series 6
    the school of life
  • series 7
    how god works
  • series 8
    Living in the minority
  • series 9
    Jesus and the Kingdom
  • series 10
    Acts & The Mission
  • series 11
    life of the believer
  • series 12
    yes, i am coming soon


Monthly Sunday evening lectures on some of the most important Biblical topics through the year. All lectures are open to the public, and will involve Q&A.
Lectures begin Sunday, January 22 at 6PM

Your best tools

It is a mobile world, and we’ve assembled the best tools for you to spend a year in the Bible wherever you happen to be!

read scripture app

The complete reading plan, all Bible text, and accompanying videos for the entire year.

bible app

Many Bible translations, Live Events, Message Notes, Social Scripture sharing, and Audio versions


Use your podcast app on your device, and have each week’s message automatically delivered right to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

You aren’t alone. ALL of us have this problem. Don’t worry about it! You will miss some days here and there. All of us will. Just jump right back in and get what you can. This is your year. Getting SOME of the Bible is better than getting NONE of the Bible!

Welcome to the Year of the Bible